phpList version 2.10.x - Code Enhancements

HTML eMail Part 1

small phplist logoShown below are all the code modifications required to allow the Administrator Generated eMails to be sent to a new subscriber in HTML format rather than plain text.
The origin of the modifications can be found by piecing together forum submissions from a number of individuals including evilpuppetmaster!, sardos and ameoba. For your convienience and just in case I forget I have brought them all together on one page.

Additional Code Changes by AG-P

Additional code changes are available that will modify how the placeholders [LISTS] & [USERDATA] are displayed in the HTML eMails. These modifications developed by AG-P have been tested in all version since 2.10.17 See Parts 2 & 3

Subscriber System eMails Affected

  • Please Confirm Your Details.
  • Welcome to our Newsletter
  • Your Preferences have been Updated
  • You have been Unsubscribed
  • Change eMail Details - Message to Old address
  • Change eMail Details - Message to New address
  • Message to Non-Confirmed Subscribers.


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