phpList version 2.10.x - Code Enhancements

HTML eMail Part 2

small phplist logoThis modification makes changes to the [LISTS] placeholder which appears in the initial eMail that a new subscriber receives after completing the subscription form.

Without this modification the subscriber will only see something akin to the following

  • * Photography
  • * Photography
  • * Web Design

which can be confusing if you have several lists with the same name but different descriptions which you can see in the example below produced from the same set of lists after modifying the code.

  • Photography - Another side
  • Photography - Random images and reviews
  • Web Design - Quarterly Bulletin

Note these modifications will only work if you restrict the length of the List Description as I have done. If you have to provide a full page description then do not use the following code unless perhaps you can abbreviate your description.

Subscriber System eMails Affected

  • Please Confirm Your Details.
  • Welcome to our Newsletter
  • Your Preferences have been Updated
  • You have been Unsubscribed
  • Change eMail Details - Message to Old address
  • Change eMail Details - Message to New address
  • Message to Non-Confirmed Subscribers.


All photographs & images are the copyright of Alan G Fairhall and may not be reproduced or downloaded without express permission from the photographer

Code Enhancements

Remember before making and uploading any changes to your core code always back up your database as well as the original files.

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