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Newsletter Archives - Standard Edition

small phplist logoShown below are all the code modifications required to add a Newsletter Archive page to you system. This is based on original work by Adrian Oliver Schmid which has been modified to show two columns of either List or Newsletter data.

Currently working on v1.02 which is operational on this sites production system. This new release strips out the placeholders and at present requires a dummy user account to replace the user attributes e.g. firstname as in Dear [firstname] will display Dear Ralph.

If you click on the link below and navigate to Templates Variations Series - 001 and then select the Newsletter "Testing Unsubscribe Feature" you can see the [VIEWONLINEBLOCK] which no longer appears from version 1.0.2 i.e. my new production version.

20-02-2013 1.0.3 Code Correction to allow correct display of External Newsletters [URL:https....]

UPDATE - Following on from an unrelated issue in another hack the Newsletter Achives can now display external newsletters [URL:].

06-03-2013 1.0.4 Minor Code Correction

Corrected minor display issue.

16-03-2013 1.0.5 Minor Code Correction

Whilst working on the replacement for version v1.0 I rectified several additional problems inherited from the original sources. These include the incorrect use of "Magical Constants" and unneccessary output when displaying active lists.

26-03-2013 1.0.6 Correcting column display of uneven number of Lists/Newsletters

Again as a result of working on v2 another small modification has been incorporated in this version. This corrects a display issue when there is an uneven number of Lists or Newsletters when the right hand column would actually display more entries than the left.

03-09-2013 1.0.7 Error message for Invalid MessageID and other minor mods

Added error handling and message if anyone enters an incorrect messageID numeric value into the URL. Non numeric entries have always resulted in the default archive page being loaded. Also changed the Page Title so that the page displays the List Description rather than a generic title and then added a very basic css button to the downloadable version.

16-09-2013 1.0.8 Updates CSS for Buttons

Updated the CSS coding to fall into line with the release for phpList v3 and utilised the $target_page in the link..


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Code Enhancements

Remember before making and uploading any changes to your core code always back up your database as well as the original files.

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