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small phplist logoShown below are all the code modifications required to update TomAble's hack that allows subscribers to view HTML Newsletters in their browser. This was originally developed for versions 2.10.12 - 2.10.13 and following updates to the core code by the main developers has not worked with releases after this. Code changes made by Greenooye have also been included in this update..

These modifications should be added to a clean/default installation of phpList 2.10.19 and have only been tested on a working though non-production environment on my hosted server for this version. As I do not have installed versions between 2.10.13 and 2.10.19 I cannot guarantee that this hack will work on any earlier releases.

As with all hacks make sure you take the necessary precautions before updating your production system..

UPDATE - This hack has been applied to v2.10.18 by (Forum User) Connections who confirms that it is working correctly.

20-02-2013 Code Correction to allow correct display of External Newsletters [URL:https....]

UPDATE - Thanks to Tobias for raising an unrelated issue which once solved highlighted a problem that has existed since the view OnLine hack was originally conceived.

Many people using phpList create their newsletters within the framework of phpList, however he created an external .html document which the system processed using the [URL:] inside the CONTENT page prior to sending.

Unfortunately the View OnLine hack would only display the URL link (in the browser) rather than the newsletter whenever a subscriber clicked on the link in their eMail client.

This error has been corrected and the replacement files can be downloaded from the "Misc" section below.


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Code Enhancements

Remember before making and uploading any changes to your core code always back up your database as well as the original files.

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