phpList version 2.10.x - Code Enhancements

Add List-Unsubscribe and Mailto Headers

small phplist logoShown below are all the code modifications required to include the List-Unsubscribe header in your eMails based on the original phpList forum contributors work (cs & btushar).

These modifications can be added to version 2.10.19 and have been tested on my production environment on a hosted server. As I do not have installed versions less than 2.10.19 I cannot guarantee that this hack will work on any earlier releases.

As with all hacks make sure you take the necessary precautions before updating your production system..

List-Unsubscribe options appear in both gmail and hotmail, however only the gmail has so far successfully replied which is not a surprise due to the lack of speed with the other.


The processunsubscribe.php does not process the unsubscribes correctly i.e. it is basically a copy of the processbounces.php file and from what I have observed during testing does not unsubscribe an individual from the lists.

In addition the admin user and password identified in the .crontab has to be permissioned to process bounces rather than unsubscribes which this hack has not been configured for. It should be noted that the cron job fails at the first hurdle in that it does not logon to the lists/admin/index.php, however if you enter the cronjob

into the address bar of the browser it will delete the unsubscribe mail from the mailbox but does not unsubscribe/blacklist the subscriber.

For now until a solution can be found to autoprocess these eMail unsubscribes I would recommend manually updating the subscriber records for anyone that unsubscribes by eMail and only apply the hack to the class.phplistmailer.php file.

In addition I have also removed the # from the Precedence Bulk header which the developers remarked out as they thought that this caused problems. It would appear (Oct 2012) that they have had a rethink on this issue and it may be activated with future releases of phpList.

Thanks to Morten Juliussen for spotting the typo (incorrect filename) which has now been corrected.

07-03-2013 Code Changes

Modified so that the new envelope headers UnSubscribe and Reply_to can be defined and switched on and off in config.php. Note the download file only contains Code 1 and Code 2 components.


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Code Enhancements

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