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Correcting Blacklist Logic

small phplist logoThere is definitely a problem with the logic used when a subscriber unsubscribes from a list. Rather than saying sorry to see you go but please feel welcome to rejoin the list at any time the phpList system immediately informs the subscriber that they have been BLACKLISTED and prevents them from signinging up again unless they contact the administrator.

This rather strange logic is designed to get peoples backs up and I for one would never re-subscribe in these cirmumstances especially if I'd accidentally clicked the wrong link.

That said the process of Blacklisting an eMail that has bounced on multiple occaisions is perfectly logical and works very well.

Therefore I have changed the logic process to suit me and hopefully this will leave an unsubscriber with a warm glow rather than a "Hissy Fit" which I would most definitely have if I were informed that I had been blacklisted. I might also be tempted to Journal or tweet about my experience which may well have a negative impact on the mailing list I had just unsubscribed from.

My Logic Process

Quite simple really, a subscriber clicks on the unsubscribe link which takes them to the unsubscribe web page where they enter their password (my security enabled option) and then click on the Unsubscribe button.

The system updates their account records by removing them from all "subscribed to" Lists and directs them to another page that informs them they have been unsubscribed.

The system then follows this us by sending out an email to this effect and informs them that if this was an error they have 48hrs, a week (whatever) to update their preferences before the account is permanently deleted by the administrator.

The eMail is never BlackListed.

Everyone is happy and subscribers are welcome back at any time without any hassle.

The Admin Generated message can be viewed by following this link
Click here..... » and selecting "System Admin - UnSubscribe Message".

48 hours or a week later the system administrator checks whether the subscriber preferences have been reset and takes the appropriate action.

Update - Part 2 Ideas

Looking into making this a cron job that automatically scans for accounts where List preferences are empty and refers to the date the original unsubscribe occured..

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