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Add IP Address of Spam Atacker to Admin eMail

small phplist logoHaving the option to use the anti spambot check in phpList is extremely useful as at the time of writing (2013-09-03) I've just received my second batch of 5 emails (in 3 days) warning of a possible spam attack.

Something that I've been meaning to address for a while is the lack of an originating IP address i.e. that of the attacker as I've received almost 100 warning messages in the last 6 months.

So after I'd received the first batch on Sunday I added a small piece of code to one of the files that would collect and add the IP address to the outgoing admin email..

I uploaded the ammended file realising that I may not get another attack for some weeks, luckily for me our Spam Attacker was obviously bored and decided to try again today. The IP address had been added to the mail and I was able to run a reverse IP check where I discovered that the attack came from somewhere east of

Further checks established that the address is quite well known and is highly active.

Next Steps

Firstly I guess would be to log these events with a monitoring service and then use .htaccess to block the ip address in question. However at the moment I want them to visit again as I've tweaked the code to make it easier to see the ip address in the mail..

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