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small phplist logoFor quite a while now I have been thinking that whenever I subscribe to a newsletter the intial response from the very first eMail that I receive is "Hi Alan" which makes the whole experience so much more personal. The next thought is why is it not possible to do this with phpList, surely it cannot be that difficult to insert a custom placeholder into the subscriber admin already allows some of the other system placeholders e.g. [LISTS] , [PREFERENCESURL] etc.

Actually it was relatively speaking quite a simple process to identify the code used to parse the custom placeholders and then to glue it all back together so that the six subscriber messages listed below could share just one function which has now been added to the lists/admin/lib.php file. By having the personal greeting in the subscriber admin messages makes the whole package just that little bit more professional.

Subscriber System eMails Affected

  • Please Confirm Your Details.
  • Welcome to our Newsletter
  • Your Preferences have been Updated
  • You have been Unsubscribed
  • Change eMail Details - Message to Old address
  • Change eMail Details - Message to New address

Additional System Message Identified

  • Message to Non-Confirmed Subscribers.

In order to use this System Message you also have to switch on the Reconcile Subscriber Options that the developers switched off....ho.....hummmmmm

Now before implementing this, it will be necessary to apply the hacks from Part 1 of the HTML eMail series as well as a portion of Part 3 to enable the Preferences Update eMails to be sent out. Once that has been accomplished the hack to allow custom placeholders is really quite simple and only involves three files. Actually it's now 4 files since out latest discovery but who's counting, does it really matter.....

To see this in action click on the link below, then as any subscriber would do complete the form, subscribe, confirm, update your preferences and then UnSubscribe to see the whole life cycle working.

Link to v3 Subscriber and Archive Pages

Rel. Date Ver. Notes
27-02-2019 2.2.5 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.9
21-02-2019 2.2.4 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.7
29-11-2018 2.2.3 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.6
20-11-2018 2.2.2 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.5
22-09-2018 2.2.1 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.4
29-05-2018 2.2.0 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.3
14-02-2017 2.1.9 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.1
06-02-2017 2.1.8 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.0
31-01-2017 2.1.7 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.3.0 RC4
08-01-2017 2.1.6 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.7
10-11-2016 2.1.5 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.6
07-10-2016 2.1.4 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.6 rc1
29-05-2016 2.1.3 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.5
25-02-2016 2.1.2 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.4
23-02-2016 2.1.1 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.3
21-02-2016 2.1.0 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.2
13-02-2016 2.0.9 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.1
06-02-2016 2.0.8 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.0
05-02-2015 2.0.7 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.12
12-01-2015 2.0.6 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.11
24-10-2014 2.0.5 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.9 & 10
13-09-2014 2.0.4 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.8
21-08-2014 2.0.3 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.7
26-04-2014 2.0.2 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.6
05-09-2013 2.0.1 Minor changes to code
04-09-2013 2.0.0 Allows sending of properly defined HTML eMails - initial release
Release Date Rel-Date Version Ver. Notes php
phpList with AG-P Hacks is distributed under the LGPL. Read More
27.02.2019 2.2.5 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.9 3.3.9 Download
21.02.2019 2.2.4 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.7 3.3.7 Download
29.11.2018 2.2.3 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.6 3.3.6 Download
20.11.2018 2.2.2 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.5 3.3.5 Download
22.09.2018 2.2.1 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.4 3.3.4 Download
29.05.2018 2.2.0 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.3 3.3.3 Download
14.02.2017 2.1.9 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.1 3.3.1 Download
06.02.2017 2.1.8 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.0 3.3.0 Download
31.01.2017 2.1.7 Documentation update for phpList v3.3.0 RC4 3.3.0 RC4 Download
08.01.2017 2.1.6 Documentation update for phpList v3.2.7 3.2.7 Download
10.11.2016 2.1.5 Documentation update for phpList v3.2.6 3.2.6 Download
07.10.2016 2.1.4 Documentation update for phpList v3.2.6 rc1 3.2.6 rc1 Download
28.05.2016 2.1.3 Documentation update for phpList v3.2.5 3.2.5 Download
25.02.2016 2.1.2 Documentation update for phpList v3.2.4 3.2.4 Download
23.02.2016 2.1.1 Documentation update for phpList v3.2.3 3.2.3 Download
21.02.2016 2.1.0 Code & Documentation update for phpList v3.2.2 3.2.2 Download
13.02.2016 2.0.9 Apply to phpList v3.2.1 3.2.1 Download
06.02.2016 2.0.8 Apply to phpList v3.2.0 3.2.0 Download
05.02.2015 2.0.7 Apply to phpList v3.0.12 3.0.12 Download
12.01.2015 2.0.6 Apply to phpList v3.0.11 only 3.0.11 Download
24.10.2014 2.0.5 Apply to phpList v3.0.9 & 10 only 3.0.10 Download
13.09.2014 2.0.4 Apply to phpList v3.0.8 only 3.0.8 Download
21.08.2014 2.0.3 Apply to phpList v3.0.7 only 3.0.7 Download
26.04.2014 2.0.2 Documentation Update 3.0.6 Download
12.09.2013 2.0.1 Initial Release 3.0.2 Download

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