phpList version 3.0.x - Code Enhancements

The Dark Arts - Part 1

small phplist logoThis modification makes changes to just the one file connect.php and will remove the PoweredBy Image, Text and Link from all newsletters that are sent out.

Often a bone of contention, yes it is nice to give credit to the developers that have contributed to such a good product, however all links and images on any Newsletter or eMail that you send out must come from and represent your site. If you use MS Outlook, do they insist on a link back to them?

It has been known that leaving the images, text and link from phpList in your Newsletter can result in it being flagged as spam and therefore not delivered to it's intended victim.....ooooops that's not right.... target.....just as bad...

NOTE - This release is NOT compatable with versions higher than phpList v3.0.12.


Rel. Date Ver. Notes
05-02-2015 1.1.0 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.12 and updated connect.php
12-01-2015 1.0.9 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.11 and updated connect.php
24-10-2014 1.0.8 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.10 and updated connect.php
19-10-2014 1.0.7 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.9 and updated connect.php
13-09-2014 1.0.6 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.8 and updated connect.php
21-08-2014 1.0.5 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.7 and updated connect.php
26-04-2014 1.0.4 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.6 and updated connect.php
Release Date Rel-Date Version Ver. Notes php
phpList with AG-P Hacks is distributed under the LGPL. Read More
05.02.2015 1.1.0 Apply to phpList v3.0.12 only 3.0.12 Download
12.01.2015 1.0.9 Apply to phpList v3.0.11 only 3.0.11 Download
24.10.2014 1.0.8 Apply to phpList v3.0.10 only 3.0.10 Download
19.10.2014 1.0.7 Apply to phpList v3.0.9 only 3.0.9 Download
13.09.2014 1.0.6 Apply to phpList v3.0.8 only 3.0.8 Download
21.08.2014 1.0.5 Apply to phpList v3.0.7 only 3.0.7 Download
26.04.2014 1.0.4 Apply to phpList v3.0.6 only 3.0.6 Download
04.10.2013 1.0.3 Coding changes for phpList 3.0.5 3.0.5 Download
28.09.2013 1.0.2 Documentation Update 3.0.3 See Latest
12.09.2013 1.0.1 Original Release 3.0.0 See Latest

All photographs & images are the copyright of Alan G Fairhall and may not be reproduced or downloaded without express permission from the photographer

Code Enhancements

Remember before making and uploading any changes to your core code always back up your database as well as the original files.

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