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small phplist logoThis modification will add another layer of security to your subscriber pages in the form of a Captcha image. A random set of easily read characters is generated each time the page is refreshed which are required before hitting the Submit button. This will identify whever you are human or a malicious piece of code running on another computer and should prevent spam bots from clogging your news with invalid eMail addresses. Which may result in your mail server being blacklisted.

NOTE - This release is not compatible with releases below v3.0.0

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Changing the button styling was quite easy as was adding new CSS Classes and removing the default font styling in order to display the @font-face fonts chosen for the site.

Toggle off and on

The Captcha can be toggled off and on from within the config.php file as with other phpList features.

Another bonus with this is that everything is contained within your system and you are not required to sign up for a third party account in order to obtain recaptcha keys (private and public).

Shown below are all the code modifications required to add Captcha Security to the default installed subscriber page. If you have modified phlPlist subscriber pages to relect your own sites standard layout then modifying the enties in index.php is quite straight forward.

Rel. Date Ver. Notes
30-11-2018 2.2.2 Updated documentation for phpList v3.3.6
20-11-2018 2.2.1 Updated documentation for phpList v3.3.5
21-09-2018 2.2.0 Updated documentation for phpList v3.3.4
28-05-2018 2.1.9 Updated documentation for phpList v3.3.3
14-02-2017 2.1.8 Updated documentation for phpList v3.3.1
06-02-2017 2.1.7 Updated documentation for phpList v3.3.0
31-01-2017 2.1.6 Updated documentation for phpList v3.3.0 RC4
08-01-2017 2.1.5 Updated documentation for phpList v3.2.7
10-11-2016 2.1.4 Updated documentation for phpList v3.2.6
06-10-2016 2.1.3 Updated documentation for phpList v3.2.6 rc1
28-05-2016 2.1.2 Updated documentation for phpList v3.2.5
25-02-2016 2.1.1 Updated documentation for phpList v3.2.4
23-02-2016 2.1.0 Updated documentation for phpList v3.2.3
21-02-2016 2.0.9 Updated code & documentation for phpList v3.2.2
13-02-2016 2.0.8 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.1
06-02-2016 2.0.7 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.2.0
05-02-2015 2.0.6 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.12
12-01-2015 2.0.5 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.11
24-10-2014 2.0.4 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.9 & 10
13-09-2014 2.0.3 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.8
21-08-2014 2.0.2 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.7
26-04-2014 2.0.1 Confirmed compatability with phpList v3.0.6
Release Date Rel-Date Version Ver. Notes php
phpList with AG-P Hacks is distributed under the LGPL. Read More
30.11.2018 2.2.2 phpList v3.3.6 - Documentation update. 3.3.6 Download
20.11.2018 2.2.1 phpList v3.3.5 - Documentation update. 3.3.5 Download
21.09.2018 2.2.0 phpList v3.3.4 - Documentation update. 3.3.4 Download
28.05.2018 2.1.9 phpList v3.3.3 - Documentation update. 3.3.3 Download
14.02.2017 2.1.8 phpList v3.3.1 - Documentation update. 3.3.1 Download
06.02.2017 2.1.7 phpList v3.3.0 - Documentation update. 3.3.0 Download
31.01.2017 2.1.6 phpList v3.3.0 RC4 - Documentation update. 3.3.0 RC4 Download
08.01.2017 2.1.5 phpList v3.2.7. - Documentation update. 3.2.7 Download
10.11.2016 2.1.4 phpList v3.2.6. - Documentation update. 3.2.6 Download
06.10.2016 2.1.3 phpList v3.2.6 rc1. - Documentation update. 3.2.6 rc1 Download
28.05.2016 2.1.2 phpList v3.2.5. - Documentation update. 3.2.5 Download
25.02.2016 2.1.1 phpList v3.2.4. - Documentation update. 3.2.4 Download
23.02.2016 2.1.0 phpList v3.2.3. - Documentation update. 3.2.3 Download
21.02.2016 2.0.9 phpList v3.2.2. Code & Documentation update. 3.2.2 Download
13.02.2016 2.0.8 phpList v3.2.1. Documentation update. 3.2.1 Download
06.02.2016 2.0.7 phpList v3.2.0. Documentation update. 3.2.0 Download
05.02.2015 2.0.6 phpList v3.0.12. Documentation update. 3.0.12 Download
12.01.2015 2.0.5 phpList v3.0.11. Documentation update. 3.0.11 Download
24.10.2014 2.0.4 phpList v3.0.9 & 10. Documentation update. 3.0.10 Download
13.09.2014 2.0.3 phpList v3.0.8. Documentation update. 3.0.8 Download
21.08.2014 2.0.2 phpList v3.0.7. Documentation update. 3.0.7 Download
26.04.2013 2.0.1 phpList v3.0.6. Documentation update 3.0.6 Download
20.08.2013 2.0.0 Initial Release 3.0.2 Download

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Code Enhancements

Remember before making and uploading any changes to your core code always back up your database as well as the original files.

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