phpList version 3.0.x - Code Enhancements

Remove Duplicate To: Header in 3.0.4

small phplist logoThis modification removes the second or duplicated To: header that suddenly appeared in v3.0.4....

Notes this hack is to be applied to phpList 3.0.4 only and has been corrected in later releases....


Rel. Date Ver. Notes
05-02-2015 2.0.0 Released for use with phpList v3.0.4 only. Do not use on any other version
Release Date Rel-Date Version Ver. Notes php
phpList with AG-P Hacks is distributed under the LGPL. Read More
30.09.2013 2.0.0 Initial Release - can only be applied to phpList 3.0.4 3.0.4 Download

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Code Enhancements

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