phpList version 3.0.x - Code Enhancements

These Code Enhancements or hacks are documented here purely for my own benefit. That said if they are of any use to you in enhancing either your UX factor or your mass emailing solution then by all means feel free to download and incorporate into your site.

All code enhancements have been tested and working within normal parameters from v2.10.16. through to 3.2.5 though not all are available for download. This has primarily come about after I mentioned on the forum that I had written an enhancement that allowed the inclusion of Placeholders in the system generated messages sent out to new subscribers and I was slapped down for telling porky pies by the developers. Two years later they finally worked out how to do it.

Do not forget to backup both your database and the files that will be modified .

BlackListing Switch

Inital Release: 23.08.2013 Version 2.0.0
Latest Release: 12.04.2019 Version: 2.2.6
Compatible with: 3.0.0 - 3.4.1

This corrects the logic used when a subscriber unsubscribes from a list. Rather than saying sorry to see you go but please feel welcome to rejoin....

Edit & Delete Functions

Inital Release: 26.08.2013 Version 1.0.0
Latest Release: 12.04.2019 Version: 1.2.7
Compatible with: 3.0.0 - 3.4.1

Another problem with the logic and functionality that has been removed in the latest version of this much loved Newsletter system ....

IP Address of Spam Attacker

Inital Release: 03.09.2013 Version 1.0.0
Latest Release: 12.04.2019 Version: 2.2.6
Compatible with: 3.0.0 - 3.4.1

A small piece of code that will add the IP Address of a Spam attcker to the eMail sent to the .....

Dark Arts - Continuum

Inital Release: 07.02.2016 Version 2.1.0
Latest Release: 14.02.2017 Version: 2.2.0
Compatible with: 3.2.0 - 3.3.1

This is a group of code enhancements that correct errors left in by the core developers..ooops s**t happens!...


Inital Release: 21.10.2016 Version 2.0.0
Latest Release: 12.04.2019 Version: 2.1.6
Compatible with phpList: 3.0.12 - 3.4.1

This modification will add additional email validations to the new subscriber forms including MX. ...

Code Enhancements

Remember before making and uploading any changes to your core code always back up your database as well as the original files.

eMail Templates

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