phpList 3.0.7

Well the latest incarnation has arrived, has been installed and seriously hacked to work the way that I want. These hacks or code enhancements required little additional work to get them up and running; though as they are available for download the documentation had to be updated to reflect the new insertion points after the core developers added/removed code from the programme.

The upgrade itself appeared to run quite smoothly after the new files were copied to the /lists folder but the following day after logging into the admin section I was greeted with two messages,

1. Database needs to be upgraded
2. Please edit your config file and change “” to “” to avoid future PHP incompatibility

Only the second caused a problem after making the necessary correction to config.php in that two of the modules/hacks had to be partially rewritten to work with mysqli. These two are

1. Newsletter Archives – with Pagination (as used on this site)
2. Comment Spammer IP Address Collection and Blocking (as used on this site)

They are both working as intended, however they are not at present available for download.

Apart from that it’s business as usual.

Alan (AlanGeorge)

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