phpList 3.0.8 Code Enhancements

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It was only a few hours ago (or so it seems) that 3.0.7 was released. Anyway 2 years after I had custom placeholders working as per my earlier post it seems that the core developers have it working in this latest release. However my code enhancements go slightly further so the new additions had to come out. Reminder to self -> Make sure the changes are documented. AGF

However it should be noted that all the other code enhancements are not affected and are working as they should. As before they can be downloaded from the following page….

v3 Code Changes

Standard Archive has been updated to work with mysqli and should be upgraded, whether I release the paginated version or not has yet to be decided.


ps Please be advised that all Code Enhancements are free to download and use and that there will be no demands for a donation or an undeserved guilt trip if you don’t.

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