phpList 3.0.9

The ink on the page is barely dry and those eager beavers at phpList have rolled out a new release in a little over a month.

All the code enhancements have been loaded onto my sub-domain version (of v3.0.9) and are fully operational, however the core developers have added sql-escapes to the subscribePage edit functions which unfortunately totally screw up the page formatting whenever the page is displayed i.e. after editing the page. These have been removed and all is well in my world again.

The one thing the new install does not do is to remove the now defunct PHPMailer-5.2.5 folder which you will have to do manually, the new folder is lists/admin/PHPMailer which is how it used to be in the 2.10.x series.

The SpamBlocker Plugin / Code Enhancement is working as intended and after about 6 weeks of inactivity caught and blocked a new comment spammer based in the Ukraine, the first attempt by the spammer triggers the system notification (email notice) and adds the ip address to the database. The the following 3 attempts are blocked sending the spammer to a 403 page.

Maybe I’ll add these address’ (now up to 30) to the plugin for automatically adding to the table for new installations.

The updated Code Enhancements will be available shortly from the usual location once I have updated the documentation. As before they can be downloaded from the following page….

v3 Code Changes



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