phpList – Custom PlaceHolders

This subject keeps appearing every so often in the phpList forums and as Duncan rightly mentions the official documentation states that it is not possible to use Custom PlaceHolders in the system messages i.e. those that are sent to new subscribers in respect of Please Confirm, Thankyou for Confirming, Changes and updates to Subscription and when they unsubscribe, basically any message sent to a subscriber regarding their subscription.

However I seem to recall that someone in these forums saying that there was a hack out in the wild that permitted the use of Custom PlaceHolders in these subscriber messages, but was immediately reminded by a long time supporter of phpList (not Duncan or DragonRider) that the official documentation clearly states “IT CAN’T be DONE” and therefore the original poster was not being truthful, without actually testing the subscription to either prove or disprove what had been claimed. There was I remember an open invitation to test this, but no one actually did.

At this point i.e. the start of phpList v3 though fully operational on the coders webite it was withdrawn from the many downloads available along with Archive with Pagination, Comment Spammer IP Blocker Plugin/Hack as well as a new PlaceHolder that tidies the email sent when chasing the subscriber for confirmation, though many still are.

By searching the forum for the origianl entry I expect you’ll find the link in order to see it working on a live subscription page. Anyway good luck.



PS for Duncan – there are 4 files that need to be modified although that number could be reduced by tidying the code…. and has been set for fully HTML System messages not text.

Yes this goes against the ethos of a global open source community where those that can contribute do so, however when one is accused of telling porkies that in such circumstances one does not feel obliged to do. Though there is always a possibility that view could change.

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